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INDONESIA: Move to expose PS extremists


Indonesian authorities have urged the public to report extremist content posted online by Public Servants, at the same time saying it would replace school textbooks deemed to contain radical material.

Minister for Communications, Johnny G. Plate announced the launch of a website where people could report posts by Public Servants “containing elements of hate, misleading information, intolerance or anti-Indonesian sentiment”.

“This includes ‘liking’ or commenting positively on radical content on social media,” Mr Plate said.

“The intention is to bring together and improve the performance of our Civil Servants, as well as to foster higher levels of nationalism.”

Earlier, Minister for Religious Affairs, Fachrul Razi said the Government was considering a ban on wearing the cadar (full face veil with eye slit – pictured) on Government premises, citing security as the reason.

The Minister also said male Public Servants must wear trousers that cover their ankles, in line with regulations. In Indonesia, cingkrang trousers (stopping just above the ankle) are widely believed to be popular with Islamic radicals.

President Joko Widodo weighed into the debate to affirm that “anyone is free to choose what clothes to wear,” but added that the Public Service dress policies should be adhered to by its employees.

It is thought that 19 per cent of Public Servants and three per cent of military personnel favour establishing an Islamic State ruled by sharia law.

In a separate move, the Ministry of Religious Affairs announced it is to replace 167 Islamic textbooks, considered to contain radical or intolerant material, in schools by the end of this year.

Jakarta, 22 November, 2019