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Contract plugs in more electric vehicles

Two more suppliers of electric vehicles have been added to the All-of-Government (AoG) Motor Vehicles contract, giving Agencies more choice as they work toward an emissions-free fleet.

General Manager New Zealand Government Procurement and Property, John Ivil said there were now 13 vehicle suppliers on the contract with nine of those suppliers able to provide electric vehicles (EVs) for purchase or lease.

A total of 137 Government Agencies must purchase through the (AoG) Motor Vehicles contract.

“The market is changing and we are doing everything we can to enable Agencies to move with the market and make the most of today’s technology,” Mr Ivil said.

“Now more EVs will be available that are suitable for general Government use, along with additional EVs that address the specialised needs of some Government Agencies.”

He said the Government had an expectation that, when Agencies replaced their existing light vehicles, they would purchase options at least 20 per cent below their current light vehicle fleet’s average emissions profile.

“This is one part of a larger program of work to reduce emissions from the transport sector,” Mr Ivil said.

“There will be some circumstances where suitable vehicles aren’t yet available. This may include front-line police vehicles and vehicles travelling longer distances, but the expectations will ensure that those Departments that can’t move to electric just yet are still picking the most efficient vehicles possible.”